Food & Beverage
Transparent Bottle Detection

Your challenge:

  • Detecting both empty and full bottles of liquid without any false detections.
  • Standard photoelectric sensors for transparent objects often mis-detect due to the liquid or surface conditions of the bottles.

Azbil's solution:

  • azbil Corporation developed the HP7-CM as a countermeasure for direct reflection from transparent objects.

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Temperature Control for Packaging Machine

Your challenge:

  • The temperature of the heating elements or heating jaws has to be stable in order to guarantee packages are sealed properly. At the start of the packaging process, the temperature is fluctuating and might go outside of the allowed range which will result in an improper sealing.
  • PID tuning (searching for the P, I and D constant) is not an easy task and when for example heater units are exchanged, the tuning has to be done all over again. This is a time consuming process in case the auto-tuning function cannot solve it.

Azbil's solutions:

  • The auto-tuning function of azbil's NX-series can find the P, I and D constant with just one push of a button.
  • The azbil NX-series can be located decentralized and is extremely easy to set up.
  • Four PID loops are implemented in one module. Four current transformer inputs are optional.
  • Ethernet and serial communication is available allowing an easy integration in your machine.

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