A journey through azbil's history


Yamatake Shokai Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Trading Co., Ltd.) is founded by Yamaguchi Takehiko; begins import and sales of machine tools and other instruments from the U.S. and Europe.



Yamatake's founder
Takehiko Yamaguchi


1933 First Control Valve
manufactured in Japan



1963 Introduction of Currentronik
1970 Introduction of Vumatik and Nutronik


Yamatake Kogyo Co., Ltd. is spun off from Yamatake Shokai.

Yamatake Shokai is established as a separate company.


Yamatake Keiki Co., Ltd. is established as a secondary company of Yamatake Kogyo.


Technical license agreement is signed with Honeywell Inc. (presently Honeywell International Inc.) of the U.S.


Yamatake (presently Azbil Corporation) forms an equity-based alliance with Honeywell (presently Honeywell International Inc.) of the U.S. (50% share)


Corporate name is changed to Yamatake-Honeywell Keiki Co., Ltd.


Fujisawa Factory (presently Fujisawa Technology Center) is constructed.


Yamatake-Honeywell stock is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Yamatake Engineering Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Corporation) is established.

Yamatake Keiso Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Corporation) is established.


Corporate name changes to Yamatake-Honeywell Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Corporation)

Yamatake Precision Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Corporation) is established.


Yamatake-Honeywell (presently Azbil Corporation) is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Yamatake Components Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Corporation) is established.



1976 MagneW 3000 released


1983 ST 3000 released


1986 CV3000 released


Samukawa Factory (presently Shonan Factory) is constructed.


Isehara Factory is constructed.


Yamatake (presently Azbil Corporation) establishes and invests in Taishin Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Taishin Co., Ltd.).


Just-in-time Upgrade Manufacturing Process (JUMP; presently aJUMP) is adopted.


Honeywell's stake in Yamatake-Honeywell (presently Azbil Corporation) is reduced from 50% to 24.15%; and Strategic Alliance Agreement is signed.


Yamatake Techno-Systems Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Corporation) is established.



Yamatake Environmental Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Control Solution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) are established in China.


Dalian Yamatake Control Instruments Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Control Instruments (Dalian) Co., Ltd.) is established in China.


Yamatake (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ) is established in Bangkok.

Shanghai Yamatake Jinshan Control Instruments Co., Ltd. (presently Shanghai Azbil Automation Co., Ltd.) is established.


Yamatake America Inc. (presently Azbil North America, Inc.) is established in Phoenix, Arizona.


Yamatake Philippines, Inc. (presently Azbil Philippines Corporation.) is established in Manila.

PT. Yamatake Berca Indonesia (presently PT. Azbil Berca Indonesia) is established in Jakarta.


Yamatake Friendly Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Friendly Co., Ltd.) is established.

Yamatake Controls Singapore Pte. Ltd. (presently Azbil Singapore Pte. Ltd.) is established.


The Yamatake Group (presently the azbil Group) is reorganized. Yamatake-Honeywell changes its name to Yamatake Corporation (presently Azbil Corporation). Yamatake Keiso and Yamatake Engineering are renamed Yamatake Building Systems Co., Ltd. and Yamatake Industrial Systems Co., Ltd., respectively.


Yamatake Korea Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Korea Co., Ltd.) is established in Seoul.

Yamatake Automation (M) Sdn. Bhd. (presently Azbil Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.) is established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Yamatake Building Systems (presently Azbil Corporation) establishes Yamatake Care-Net Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Care & Support Co., Ltd.).


Yamatake Taiwan Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Taiwan Co., Ltd.) is established in Taipei.

Yamatake China Limited (presently Azbil Hong Kong Limited) is established in Hong Kong.

Safety Service Center Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Care & Support Co., Ltd.) becomes a Group company.

Yamatake Combustion Control Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (presently Yamatake Environmental Control Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.) is established.


 2001 Heat Value Gas
Chromatograph released


Yamatake Europe NV (presently Azbil Europe NV) is established in Brussels, Belgium.


Yamatake Sensing Control, Limited (presently Azbil North America Inc.) is established in the Santa Clara, California, U.S.A.


Yamatake (presently Azbil Corporation) repurchases shares from Honeywell, formally ending the equity relationship between the two companies.


Yamatake Corporation (presently Azbil Corporation), Yamatake Building Systems, and Yamatake Industrial Systems are merged into a single company.


SecurityFriday Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil SecurityFriday Co., Ltd.) is established.


Yamatake Automation Products Shanghai Co., Ltd. is established in China.


Yamatake (presently Azbil Corporation) forms a capital alliance with Tem-Tech Lab.

Kimmon Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Kimmom Co., Ltd.) becomes a Group company.


New Group philosophy and symbol, azbil, are formulated.



Yamatake Information Technology Center (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Information Technology Center (Dalian) co., Ltd.) is established in China.


Yamatake Vietnam Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd.) is established in Hanoi.

The Group name is changed to the azbil Group


Yamatake Europe NV is renamed Azbil Europe NV

Yamatake America and Yamatake Sensing Control are merged to form Azbil North America, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona.

In China, Yamatake Environmental Engineering (Shanghai) is renamed Azbil Control Solution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Yamatake Mizuho Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil Kyoto Co., Ltd.) is established.

BioVigilant Systems, Inc. (presently Azbil BioVigilant, Inc.), headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A, becomes a Group company.



Azbil India Pvt. Ltd. is established in Munbai.

Azbil Brazil Ltd. is established in Sao Paulo.



Azbil Europe NV German Branch is established near Munich, Germany.


The names of existing companies in Japan change to include "Azbil."

Yamatake Care-Net Co., Ltd. and Safety Service Center Co., Ltd. merge to become Azbil Care & Support Co., Ltd.

Yamatake Control Products Co., Ltd. merges into Azbil Corporation.

TACO Co., Ltd. (presently Azbil TA Co., Ltd.) becomes a Group company.

VorTek Instruments, LLC (presently Azbil VorTek, LLC) headquartered in Colorado, U.S.A., becomes a Group company.


Telstar, S.A., headquartered in Catalonia, Spain, becomes a Group company.

Azbil Saudi Arabia Ltd. is established in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Azbil Production (Thailand) Co., Ltd., with headquarters in Chonburi, Thailand, is established.

Azbil Trading Co., Ltd. and Azbil Royal Controls Co., Ltd. merge to become Azbil Trading Co., Ltd.