About us

Since our founding in 1906, azbil Group (formerly Yamatake Group) has drawn on its advanced measurement and control technologies. Our long history of innovation in measurement, control and environmental protection enables us to provide divers product solutions and excellent customer-oriented service.

In 1992 azbil Group began establishing overseas affiliates. The first was set up in China, closely followed by affiliates in Thailand, the USA, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Vietnam and in 2001 Azbil Europe NV was established in Belgium against a backdrop of growing interest in the environment and a reappraisal of Europe's energy policies. Soon after, our German branch was established near Munich focusing on enlarging our service capabilities and bringing them closer to the customers.

Azbil Europe NV endeavors to continuously evolve its practices to present the changing demands of our customers and to ensure sustained growth in the future.
We are strongly devoted to our customers and believe in after sales service. We value our customer's interests in both our company and our products and look forward to working closely with you to satisfy your every measurement and control requirements. It is our aim to deliver cost-efficient solutions in line with the needs of the market, ensuring our customers' safety, comfort and fulfillment under our philosophy of "human-centered automation"

At production sites, we are creating a sustainable future in which people, companies, and the earth’s environment coexist harmoniously.
Azbil’s measurement and control technology is used in factories and plants to create the ideal balance between people and production. This way, we believe we can provide the safety, reliability, improved productivity and product quality, and environmental friendliness that customers desire. We provide control equipment, field equipment, control valves, monitoring and control systems, and other products designed to improve comfort in the working environment. We utilize our advanced technology and know-how accumulated over many years to enhance the value of our customer’s businesses.

 Azbil Europe NV is committed to bring these technologies to the vanguard of the European automation scene.

Facts & Figures

 Company Name
Azbil Europe NV


Managing Director
Ippei Aota

Head Office
Azbil Europe NV
Bosdellestraat 120/2
1933 Zaventem
Tel.: +32 2 785 07 10

German Branch
Azbil Europe NV German Branch
Lilienthalstrasse 29
85399 Hallbergmoos
Tel.: +49-811-54 15 43 10